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An astonishing performance - Vinay's estimate was the highest by 3%...........

Updated: Aug 16, 2017

Being the fastest could give you the impression of a poorly done job or that the property has been undersold. However, Vinay dispels whatever negative notions may come in hand by being the fastest. It is precisely because he knows the market, and what potential buyers are looking for, that he can give you the best service all-round and make these connections happen.

I had several agents from different companies give me an estimate of what my property would sell for and Vinay's estimate was the highest by 3%. Not only was it the highest but he also delivered true to his word.

With his prompt, friendly, clear and energetic response to whatever query you may have, Vinay has definitely earned the nickname of the Fastest Indian in real estate.

Dafnis V - Te Aro