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Genuine desire to work for the best interest of the vendors.......

Updated: Aug 16, 2017

There is so much that we can write about Vinay but one thing that almost explains everything that he has done for us is TRUST.

From the time of listing the property to sale Vinay kept us informed on the progress of the sale on a regular basis. His commitment and dedication is well above average and the result was very satisfactory.

Vinay has shown genuine desire to work for the best interest of his vendors and when we say this we mean it very seriously as he had advised us not to sell our most valuable asset when we were not supposed to. This is simply commendable as it cost him a listing and we would have listed with someone else but he kept to his morals despite everything.

We highly recommend Vinay to be entrusted with your most valuable asset and we will only list with him if we are selling in future.

Sam & Saida - Roseneath