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Professionalism and Reliability: The perfect balance...we got a great price

Updated: Aug 16, 2017

We have lived in Mt Victoria for 22 years now and when we decided to sell our property we chose Vinay as our agent without hesitation and without the recommendation of anyone else. We had noticed the ‘Fastest Indian’ and his active presence (leaflet drops, sales) in the area for some time and even bumped in to him a couple of times and engaged in brief discussions along the way about property in Mt Victoria.

I was very impressed with his friendliness, communication skills and in particular, his knowledge of property matters, especially in relation to Mt Victoria. My property was the ‘worst house in the best area’ scenario so I knew it would attract many people looking for a bargain; however, I wasn’t prepared to let it go for a bargain. Taking into account all the exceptional reasons that kept us living at 90 Ellice Street; we set our price and left it up to Vinay to do the rest. He took care of it, and because of his professionalism, his personal dedication and commitment, we got a great price for our property. I totally support all the testimonies that others have given in respect of his many good qualities and highly recommend him to prospective sellers.

Kia ora Vinay.

Joe & Jacqui - Mt.Victoria