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Vinay sold my property that other agents had failed to move...........

Updated: Aug 16, 2017

I am very happy to endorse Vinay Kumar as an excellent real estate professional in all aspects. He was recommended to me by friends who went to him with a hard to sell property that other agents had failed to move. He did a great job for them, and now he’s done the same for me!

Vinay is very personable and friendly, with a great sense of humour. At the same time, he is always professional, adept, and highly informed. This is a nice balance for both vendor and buyer. In particular, Vinay demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the apartment market – and specifically company share properties. These have particular features that many buyers and agents don’t fully comprehend. He was able to both market my property extremely appropriately and also encourage serious buyers by explaining the company share concept very realistically. If you can get a good price for a company share apartment, as Vinay did, then unit titled properties will be a breeze!

Vinay is a real problem solver. Selling can be a fraught process, but it never took more than a quick phone call for him to understand any issues and deal with them most efficiently.

In short, go with Vinay. I’m sure he’ll do an awesome job for you!

Rupert A - Te- Aro