October 2, 2019

September 30, 2019

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Considering a new property as part of a lifestyle change?

October 2, 2017

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Warm up your home with interior design

Selling a house or attracting new tenants in winter can be challenging.Potential buyers and tenants may be harder to tempt to come out of their car to have a look around your home.


So how can you make your property look as appealing as possible?


First you need to attract them in.  Make sure your letterbox, front door and driveway are well maintained so that it’s easy for potential buyers to find your home and your front door.

Once inside, you can use interior design to make a home seem more warm and comfortable - exactly what people are looking for when they walk in off the freezing street!



Trick of the light


You can start small, with additional lamps and light fittings dotted around the place.

Extra light will brighten up any room in contrast to the grey skies outside, making it far more inviting


If you can match lamp shades to the colour scheme in the room for a warmer effect, all the better, as autumnal colours like orange or red on a shade will significantly increase the 'warmth' of a room.

Rich texture


Have you ever been in a store with fluffy blankets, and just not been able to resist touching them?

Textured curtains, cushions, couch and bed throws work in the same way. They invite you in and make you feel cosy.


Warm colours


If you're thinking of repainting a room or the whole house before a sale, consider making the space more inviting by using warm coloured paints. This doesn’t necessarily mean shrieking bright colours.  Warmed up neutrals such as Resene Rice Cake and Resene Bianca can add a subtle sense of warmth to a space while still being versatile to work with a wide range of furnishings.


Remember to also treat your front door to a fresh coat of paint in a bold warm colour for a really warm welcome.   Bright reds, such as Resene Pohutukawa or Resene Jalapeno, are always popular.  Or opt for a bold orange, such as Resene Adrenalin or Resene Daredevil for a cheery warm hello.

Burnt oranges, ruby reds and rich browns all make a space feel like it radiates warmth, and will not go out of fashion when summer rolls around.


Source: Harcourts NZ & Resene Paints 

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